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e.g. 0030P1-2-009, 60040, 70025K, AC-1005, DPO-0.5-47, etc
For Custom Parts, Please provide as much detail as possible
You can also email us any drawings & Specifications you may have at info@nuvotem.com
e.g. Medical, Audio, Security, Standards EN61558, UL5085, UL60601, etc
e.g. 115V, 230V, 2x115V, tapped 0-120-240V, 0-220-230-240V, etc
e.g. 12V/5A
e.g. Mounting Kit, Encapsulated, PCB Mounting, DIN Rail, Control Panel, etc
e.g. Flexible, Solids, Crimps & Connectors ?

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