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Underwriters Laboratories : Recognised Components

UL recognised transformers Nuvotem Talema offer UL recognised components to several UL Standards.
Our factories are audited regularly to ensure compliance.
Our UL "Follow Up Services" or "FUS" is our detailed agreement with Underwriters Laboratories which ensures our products meet the relevant standards.

XPTQ2.E215495 Vol.1

UL5085 Low Voltage Transformers
Categories XPTQ2 & XPTQ8 (Canada)
Toroidal Isolating Transformers to 7500VA (7.5kVA)
Toroidal Auto-Transformers to 25000VA (25kVA)
Input 100V to 600V
Output Max 600V, Max 100A
Temperature Class 105(A), Class 130(B), Class 155(F)

XPTQ2.E215495 Vol.2

UL5085 Low Voltage Transformers
Categories XPTQ2 & XPTQ8 (Canada)
PCB Mounting Toroidal Transformers
Series 70000K, 1.6VA to 25VA


UL1446 Systems of Insulating Materials
Vol.1 Class 130(B) "Class B"
Vol.2 Class 130(B) "Class B1"
Vol.3 Class 155(F) "Class F"
Vol.4 Class 155(F) "Class F (Z200G)"
Vol.5 Class 130(B) "HIS-8B"
These insulation systems may be used alone, or together with our transformer approvals E215495 or E251176 to provide transformers with UL recognition to those standards, but with higher temperature classes.

XORU2.E218027 Vol.1

UL1950 Information technology Equipment including Electrical Business Equipment
& UL6500 Audio/Video and Musical instrumental apparatus for Household, commercial and similar general use
PCB Mounting Transformers 70000K series and 80500K Series


UL60601-1 Medical Grade Transformers
Categories XORU2 & XOUR8 (Canada)
Toroidal Isolating Transformers to 15,000VA (15kVA)
Toroidal Auto-Transformers to 40,000VA (40kVA)
Maximum 600V Input and output
Maximum 1200V sum of input & Output voltages.
Temperature Class 105(A), Class 130(B), Class 155(F)

UL Recognized UR Symbol for USA marking UL Recognised : UL Standard UL60601-1 1st Edition dated April 25th 2003; and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (2005 + C1:09 + A2:10)

C-UL Recognized UR Symbol for CanadaC-UL Recognised : Canadian Standard C22.2 No 601.1 M90; and CSA C22.2 NO. 60601-1 (2008)

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