Low Voltage Lighting Toroidal Transformers 11.8V

Low Voltage Lighting Open Style Toroidal Transformers

Common Power ratings 50VA, 105VA, 150VA and 200VA complete with mounting kits for single-bolt fixing.

Single secondary winding of 11.8V at rated load
Internal Thermal switch for overload protection
Tested and Approved by DEKRA to EN61558
UL Recognised to UL5085-1, under family approval file E215495

Toroidal transformers for 12V Halogen Lighting Datasheet
Technical Data
Rated VA Part Number % Regulation Temperature Rise [K] Diameter [mm] Height [mm] Weight [Kg]
50 91931-P1S1 15 46 80 33 0.65
105 91932-P1S1 11 49 93 46 1.05
150 91933-P1S1 8.5 48 105 42 1.35
200 91934-P1S1 7.6 81 105 50 1.75

Allow extra 4mm height for mounting discs
Allow an extra 5mm diameter where leads exit transformer

Important Installation Note Where transformer is supplied with a dished washer and protection pads for single hole fixing, the installer must ensure that the pads are fitted above and below the transformer winding and that the dished washer is on top of the upper pad. Do not overtighten the fixing bolt (not supplied) as this could damage the winding. Under no circumstances should both ends of the fixing bolt contact a metal chassis or frame as this would create a 'shorted turn' causing irreparable damage.