230V/115V Isolating Toroidal Transformers

Open Style Toroidal Transformers

Dual 115V Primary windings and Dual 115V Secondary windings may be used in series or parallel.
May be used as Isolating 230V:230V, 230V:115V, 115V:230V, or 115V:115V.
Supplied with either mounting discs or centre potting, depending on physical size

Technical Data

Datasheet PDF Datsheet

Part Numbers Power VA Diameter [mm] Height [mm] Weight [Kg] Mounting
0300P2-2-115 300 115 58 2.30 Mounting Discs
0500P2-2-115 500 140 60 3.50 Mounting Discs
1000P2-2-115 1000 160 72 6.50 Mounting Discs
1500P2-2-115 1500 200 75 10.00 Resin Centre
2000P2-2-115 2000 200 85 14.00 Resin Centre
2500P2-2-115 2500 200 95 15.50 Resin Centre
3000P2-2-115 3000 245 80 17.00 Resin Centre

Secondary windings which may be connected in series or parallel or used as two independent 115V supplies.

Important Installation Note Where transformer is supplied with a dished washer and protection pads for single hole fixing, the installer must ensure that the pads are fitted above and below the transformer winding and that the dished washer is on top of the upper pad. Do not overtighten the fixing bolt (not supplied) as this could damage the winding. Under no circumstances should both ends of the fixing bolt contact a metal chassis or frame as this would create a 'shorted turn' causing irreparable damage.