Custom Design

Toroidal Transformers

We are the experts in Custom Designed Toroidal Transformers. Nuvotem Talema have been designing toroidal transformers since 1975. During that time we have designed many thousands of transformers for many varying applications.

Our design engineers have the knowledge and experience to design the transformer most suitable for your needs. This design expertise is backed up by over 40 years of manufacturing know-how. We can design it. We can build it.

Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer with terminals and inrush protection mounted on a metal bracket

We can customise the connection cable type and size to suit your equipment needs, saving you assembly time and cost. With stock of many different styles, sizes and colours of flexible equipment wire and sleeving materials, we can offer exactly what you need.

From the simple additions of individual male and female Faston spade terminals such as 6.3mm, 4.8mm and 2.8mm, Ring tags in varying styles, to multi-pole wire-to-board or wire-to-wire connectors from common manufacturers such as TE, AMP, Molex, JST, and many others, to complete wiring looms or assemblies with terminal blocks, inline thermistors, additional jumper-wires, and surge protectors:

Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer with wiring harness

We can also offer cable identification using colours, number or letter cable markers, common sleeving, or any combination, helping you identify the connections to your equipment, making assembly more accurate and faster.

Connection leads can be positioned practically anywhere around the circumference to suit your equipment, or taken out at a specific height on the circumference to ease routing and prevent interference with other parts of the equipment above or below the transformer.

Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer with connectors and sleeving

Terminal blocks can be mounted wherever they are needed, making your assembly fast and efficient

Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer with terminals on resin surface

Custom mounting methods, from centre-potting with specific hole sizes and locations, captive threaded inserts, counterbores, to inclusion of removeable lifting hooks for ease of assembly on your production line

Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer mounting styles
Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer with lifting hooks in resin

Generally the equipment designer is faced with the problem of 'squeezing' the power transformer into a confined space, and we, at Nuvotem Talema, have built up over 30 years of experience in designing toroidal transformers which fit into these confined spaces, and yet electrically and thermally out-perform the competition.

With Nuvotem Talema's ability to provide instant EN61558 approval on custom designed transformers, the equipment designer does not need to adjust their design to suit a "standard" transformer, just to get an approved part.

To ensure that our engineers design the "right transformer for the job", we suggest that when requesting a quotation and/or sample transformer(s), you provide us with as much technical information as you have available.

We would suggest the following information be provided:
* Application
* Primary voltage(s) (and tolerances if non-standard)
* Secondary voltage(s) and current(s) or power rating(s)
* Regulation requirements, if any
* Temperature Rise
* Duty Cyle (if any)
* Isolation voltage(s) and creepage / clearance distances required between windings
* European standards (EN60065, EN60742/EN61558, EN60950, EN60601-1 .. etc)
* American & Canadian standards (UL506, UL5085, UL60601-1, C-UL .. etc)
* Physical restrictions (maximum available dimensions)
* Special mounting requirements ?
* Special connection wire configuration ? (Crimps, Connectors, Lead forming .. etc)

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