A Wide range of our Toroidal Transformers, CTs (Current Transformers), Power Inductors, and Common Mode chokes are stocked by Schukat.
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Nuvotem Talema Part No. Schukat Stock Code Alternate Ref Description Link
19906FMS1000Flanschmontagesatz für TRT1000Flange Mounting
21227CAV6000A1.8-PCA SeriesDrossel 6,0A 2x1,8mH stehtCommon Mode CA
21228CAV4000A3.3-GCA SeriesDrossel 4,0A 2x3,3mH stehtCommon Mode CA
21253CAF8000A2.7CA SeriesDrossel 8A 2x2,7mH liegtCommon Mode CA
21270CAF10000A1.8CA SeriesDrossel 10A 2x1,8mH liegtCommon Mode CA
21322TAV21322Drossel 2x5,6mH 2,0A RM12,5 stehtRM12.5
21410TAV21410Drossel 2x2,7mH 4,0A RM12,5 steht RM12.5
21411TAH21411Drossel 2x27mH 1,0A RM25 liegt RM25
21412TAH21412Drossel 2x2,7mH 4,0A RM25 liegtRM25
21413TAV21413Drossel 2x27mH 1,0A RM12,5 stehtRM12.5
19250-P1S02TRT30209Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19251-P1S02TRT30212Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19252-P1S02TRT30215Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
19253-P1S02TRT30218Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19254-P1S02TRT30222Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19261-P1S02TRT50212Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19262-P1S02TRT50215Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
19263-P1S02TRT50218Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19264-P1S02TRT50222Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19270-P1S02TRT80210Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x10VToroid
19271-P1S02TRT80212Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19272-P1S02TRT80215Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
19273-P1S02TRT80218Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19274-P1S02TRT80222Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19281-P1S02TRT120212Ringkerntrafo 120VA Ringkerntrafo 120VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19282-P1S02TRT120215Ringkerntrafo 120VA Ringkerntrafo 120VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
19283-P1S02TRT120218Ringkerntrafo 120VA Ringkerntrafo 120VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19284-P1S02TRT120222Ringkerntrafo 120VA Ringkerntrafo 120VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19291-P1S02TRT160212Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19292-P1S02TRT160215Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
19293-P1S02TRT160218Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19294-P1S02TRT160222Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19301-P1S02TRT225212Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19302-P1S02TRT225215Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
19303-P1S02TRT225218Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19304-P1S02TRT225222Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19305-P1S02TRT225224Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x24VToroid
19306-P1S02TRT225230Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x30VToroid
19450-P1S02TRT300212Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
19451-P1S02TRT300225Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x25VToroid
19452-P1S02TRT300230Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x30VToroid
19453-P1S02TRT300235Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x35VToroid
19454-P1S02TRT300218Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19455-P1S02TRT300222Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19460-P1S02TRT500220Ringkerntrafo 500VA Ringkerntrafo 500VA 1x230V 2x20VToroid
19461-P1S02TRT500225Ringkerntrafo 500VA Ringkerntrafo 500VA 1x230V 2x25VToroid
19462-P1S02TRT500240Ringkerntrafo 500VA Ringkerntrafo 500VA 1x230V 2x40VToroid
19463-P1S02TRT500255Ringkerntrafo 500VA Ringkerntrafo 500VA 1x230V 2x55VToroid
19464-P1S02TRT500218Ringkerntrafo 500VA Ringkerntrafo 500VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19468-P1S02TRT625218Ringkerntrafo 625VA Ringkerntrafo 625VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19469-P1S02TRT625222Ringkerntrafo 625VA Ringkerntrafo 625VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19470-P1S02TRT625240Ringkerntrafo 625VA Ringkerntrafo 625VA 1x230V 2x40VToroid
19472-P1S02TRT625250Ringkerntrafo 625VA Ringkerntrafo 625VA 1x230V 2x50VToroid
19473-P1S02TRT625412Ringkerntrafo 625VA Ringkerntrafo 625VA 1x230V 4x12VToroid
19478-P1S02TRT1000218Ringkerntrafo 1000VA Ringkerntrafo 1000VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
19479-P1S02TRT1000222Ringkerntrafo 1000VA Ringkerntrafo 1000VA 1x230V 2x22VToroid
19480-P1S02TRT1000240Ringkerntrafo 1000VA Ringkerntrafo 1000VA 1x230V 2x40VToroid
19482-P1S02TRT1000250Ringkerntrafo 1000VA Ringkerntrafo 1000VA 1x230V 2x50VToroid
19483-P1S02TRT1000255Ringkerntrafo 1000VA Ringkerntrafo 1000VA 1x230V 2x55VToroid
19484-P1S02TRT1000422Ringkerntrafo 1000VA Ringkerntrafo 1000VA 1x230V 4x22VToroid
19852-P2S02TRT30215ULRingkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 2x115V 2x15V ULToroid
19860-P2S02TRT50212ULRingkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 2x115V 2x12V ULToroid
19861-P2S02TRT50215ULRingkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 2x115V 2x15V ULToroid
19872-P2S02TRT120212ULRingkerntrafo 120VA Ringkerntrafo 120VA 2x115V 2x12V ULToroid
19873-P2S02TRT120215ULRingkerntrafo 120VA Ringkerntrafo 120VA 2x115V 2x15V ULToroid
21200-P1S02KTRTV30209Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x9VToroid
21201-P1S02KTRTV30212Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
21202-P1S02KTRTV30215Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
21203-P1S02KTRTV30218Ringkerntrafo 30VA Ringkerntrafo 30VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
21204-P1S02KTRTV50212Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
21205-P1S02KTRTV50215Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
21206-P1S02KTRTV50218Ringkerntrafo 50VA Ringkerntrafo 50VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
21207-P1S02KTRTV80212Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
21208-P1S02KTRTV80215Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
21209-P1S02KTRTV80218Ringkerntrafo 80VA Ringkerntrafo 80VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
21213-P1S02KTRTV160212Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
21214-P1S02KTRTV160215Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
21215-P1S02KTRTV160218Ringkerntrafo 160VA Ringkerntrafo 160VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
21216-P1S02KTRTV225212Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
21217-P1S02KTRTV225215Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x15VToroid
21218-P1S02KTRTV225218Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
21219-P1S02KTRTV225224Ringkerntrafo 225VA Ringkerntrafo 225VA 1x230V 2x24VToroid
21220-P1S02KTRTV300212Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x12VToroid
21222-P1S02KTRTV300218Ringkerntrafo 300VA Ringkerntrafo 300VA 1x230V 2x18VToroid
70000KRKPT120770000KPrint-RKT 1,6VA 2x7V (70000)PCB Mounting
70002RKPT121270002KPrint-RKT 1,6VA 2x12V (70002)PCB Mounting
70001KRKPT120970001KPrint-RKT 1,6VA 2x9V (70001)PCB Mounting
70003KRKPT121570003KPrint-RKT 1,6VA 2x15V (70003)PCB Mounting
70004KRKPT121870004KPrint-RKT 1,6VA 2x18V (70004)PCB Mounting
70010KRKPT320770010KPrint-RKT 3,2VA 2x7V (70010)PCB Mounting
70011KRKPT320970011KPrint-RKT 3,2VA 2x9V (70011)PCB Mounting
70012KRKPT321270012KPrint-RKT 3,2VA 2x12V (70012)PCB Mounting
70013KRKPT321570013KPrint-RKT 3,2VA 2x15V (70013)PCB Mounting
70014KRKPT321870014KPrint-RKT 3,2VA 2x18V (70014)PCB Mounting
70030KRKPT720770030KPrint-RKT 7VA 2x7V (70030)PCB Mounting
70031KRKPT720970031KPrint-RKT 7VA 2x9V (70031)PCB Mounting
70032KRKPT721270032KPrint-RKT 7VA 2x12V (70032)PCB Mounting
70033KRKPT721570033KPrint-RKT 7VA 2x15V (70033)PCB Mounting
70034KRKPT721870034KPrint-RKT 7VA 2x18V (70034)PCB Mounting
70040KRKPT1020770040KPrint-RKT 10VA 2x7V (70040)PCB Mounting
70041KRKPT1020970041KPrint-RKT 10VA 2x9V (70041)PCB Mounting
70042KRKPT1021270042KPrint-RKT 10VA 2x12V (70042)PCB Mounting
70043KRKPT1021570043KPrint-RKT 10VA 2x15V (70043)PCB Mounting
70044RKPT1021870044KPrint-RKT 10VA 2x18V (70044)PCB Mounting
70045KRKPT1022270045KPrint-RKT 10VA 2x22V (70045)PCB Mounting
70050KRKPT1520770050KPrint-RKT 15VA 2x7V (70050)PCB Mounting
70051KRKPT1520970051KPrint-RKT 15VA 2x9V (70051)PCB Mounting
70052KRKPT1521270052KPrint-RKT 15VA 2x12V (70052)PCB Mounting
70053KRKPT1521570053KPrint-RKT 15VA 2x15V (70053)PCB Mounting
70054KRKPT1521870054KPrint-RKT 15VA 2x18V (70054)PCB Mounting
70055RKPT1522270055KPrint-RKT 15VA 2x22V (70055)PCB Mounting
70060KRKPT2520770060KPrint-RKT 25VA 2x7V (70060)PCB Mounting
70061KRKPT2520970061KPrint-RKT 25VA 2x9V (70061)PCB Mounting
70062KRKPT2521270062KPrint-RKT 25VA 2x9V (70061)PCB Mounting
70063KRKPT2521570063KPrint-RKT 25VA 2x15V (70063)PCB Mounting
70064KRKPT2521870064KPrint-RKT 25VA 2x18V (70064)PCB Mounting
70065KRKPT2522270065KPrint-RKT 25VA 2x22V (70065)PCB Mounting
AC-1005AC1005AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 5ACT AC
AC-1010AC1010AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 10ACT AC
AC-1015AC1015AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 15ACT AC
AC-1020AC1020AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 20ACT AC
AC-1025AC1025AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 25ACT AC
AC-1040AC1040AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 40ACT AC
AC-1050AC1050AC SeriesStromwandler 1000/1 50ACT AC
ACX-1050ACX1050ACX-1050, ACX1050ACX Series - High Accuracy Current Transformer 50ACT ACX
ACX-1075ACX1075ACX-1075, ACX1075ACX Series - High Accuracy Current Transformer 75ACT ACX
ACX-1100ACX1100ACX-1100, ACX1100ACX Series - High Accuracy Current Transformer 100ACT ACX
ACX-1150ACX1150ACX-1150, ACX1150ACX Series - High Accuracy Current Transformer 150ACT ACX
AS-100AS100AS SeriesStromwandler 1:50 50R 300mACT AS
AS-101AS101AS SeriesStromwandler 1:100 100R 150mACT AS
AS-102AS102AS SeriesStromwandler 1:200 200R 75mACT AS
AS-103AS103AS SeriesStromwandler 1:300 300R 50mACT AS
AS-104AS104AS SeriesStromwandler 1:500 500R 30mACT AS
ASM-010ASM10ASM SeriesStromwandler 1-10A 10%CT ASM
ASM-050ASM50ASM SeriesStromwandler 5-50A 10%CT ASM
ASM-100ASM100ASM SeriesStromwandler 5-100A 10%CT ASM
AX-0500AX0500AX-0500, AX0500AX Series - Current Transformer - High Output 5ACT AX
AX-0750AX0750AX-0750, AX0750AX Series - Current Transformer - High Output 7.5ACT AX
AX-1000AX1000AX-1000, AX1000AX Series - Current Transformer - High Output 10ACT AX
AX-1500AX1500AX-1500, AX1500AX Series - Current Transformer - High Output 15ACT AX
AZ-0500AZ0500AZ-0500, AZ0500, AZ500AZ Series - Flying Lead Current Transformer 25ACT AZ
AZ-0750AZ0750AZ-0750, AZ0750, AZ750AZ Series - Flying Lead Current Transformer 40ACT AZ
AZ-1000AZ1000AZ-1000, AZ1000AZ Series - Flying Lead Current Transformer 50ACT AZ
CAF-0,4-47CAF400A47CA SeriesDrossel 0,4A 2x47mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-0,5-27CAF500A27CA SeriesDrossel 0,5A 2x27mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-0,5-47CAF500A47CA SeriesDrossel 0,5A 2x47mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-0,6-18CAF600A18CA SeriesDrossel 0,6A 2x18mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-0,7-10CAF700A10CA SeriesDrossel 0,7A 2x10mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-0,8-27CAF800A27CA SeriesDrossel 0,8A 2x27mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-1,0-27CAF1000A27CA SeriesDrossel 1,0A 2x27mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-1,1-6,8CAF1100A6.8CA SeriesDrossel 1,1A 2x6,8mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-1,2-10CAF1200A10CA SeriesDrossel 1,2A 2x10mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-1,3-3,9CAF1300A3.9CA SeriesDrossel 1,3A 2x3,9mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-1,5-2,7CAF1500A2.7CA SeriesDrossel 1,5A 2x2,7mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-1,5-3,3CAF1500A3.3CA SeriesDrossel 1,5A 2x3,3mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-2,0-1,0CAF2000A1CA SeriesDrossel 2,0A 2x1,0mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-2,3-2,2CAF2300A2.2CA SeriesDrossel 2,3A 2x2,2mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-2,6-6,8CAF2600A6.8CA SeriesDrossel 2,6A 2x6,8mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-3,1-1,2CAF3100A1.2CA SeriesDrossel 3,1A 2x1,2mH liegt Common Mode CA
CAF-3,5-2,7CAF3500A2.7CA SeriesDrossel 3,5A 2x2,7mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-3,6-0,47CAF3600A0.47CA SeriesDrossel 3,6A 2x0,47mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-4,0-3,3CAF4000A3.3CA SeriesDrossel 4,0A 2x3,3mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAF-6,0-1,8CAF6000A1.8CA SeriesDrossel 6,0A 2x1,8mH liegtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,4-47CAV400A47CA SeriesDrossel 0,4A 2x47mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,5-27CAV500A27CA SeriesDrossel 0,5A 2x27mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,5-47CAV500A47CA SeriesDrossel 0,5A 2x47mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,6-100CAV600A100CA SeriesDrossel 0,6A 2x100mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,6-18CAV600A18CA SeriesDrossel 0,6A 2x18mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,7-10CAV700A10CA SeriesDrossel 0,7A 2x10mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,8-27CAV800A27CA SeriesDrossel 0,8A 2x27mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-0,9-47CAV900A47CA SeriesDrossel 0,9A 2x47mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,0-27CAV1000A27CA SeriesDrossel 1,0A 2x27mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,1-6,8CAV1100A6.8CA SeriesDrossel 1,1A 2x6,8mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,2-10CAV1200A10CA SeriesDrossel 1,2A 2x10mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,3-3,9CAV1300A3.9CA SeriesDrossel 1,3A 2x3,9mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,4-27CAV1400A27CA SeriesDrossel 1,4A 2x27mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,5-2,7CAV1500A2.7CA SeriesDrossel 1,5A 2x2,7mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-1,5-22CAV1500A22CA SeriesDrossel 1,5A 2x22mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-2,0-1,0CAV2000A1CA SeriesDrossel 2,0A 2x1,0mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-2,0-5,6CAV2000A5.6CA SeriesDrossel 2,0A 2x5,6mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-2,3-2,2CAV2300A2.2CA SeriesDrossel 2,3A 2x2,2mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-2,6-6,8CAV2600A6.8CA SeriesDrossel 2,6A 2x6,8mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-3,1-1,2CAV3100A1.2CA SeriesDrossel 3,1A 2x1,2mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-3,5-1,0CAV3500A1CA SeriesDrossel 3,5A 2x1,0mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-3,5-2,7CAV3500A2.7CA SeriesDrossel 3,5A 2x2,7mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAV-3,6-0,47CAV3600A0.47CA SeriesDrossel 3,6A 2x0,47mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAX-1,1-6,8CAX1100A6.8CA SeriesDrossel 1,1A 2x6,8mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAX-1,3-3,9CAX1300A3.9CA SeriesDrossel 1,3A 2x3,9mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAX-1,5-2,7CAX1500A2.7CA SeriesDrossel 1,5A 2x2,7mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CAX-2,0-1,0CAX2000A1CA SeriesDrossel 2,0A 2x1,0mH stehtCommon Mode CA
CMJ-2-101CMJ2101CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 2x100uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-2-102CMJ2102CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 2x1000uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-2-470CMJ2470CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 2x47uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-2-472CMJ2472CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 2x4700uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-4-101CMJ4101CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 4x100uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-4-102CMJ4102CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 4x1000uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-4-470CMJ4470CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 4x47uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMJ-4-472CMJ4472CMJ SeriesSMD-Signal-Drossel 4x4700uHCommon Mode CMJ
CMPS-1.22-1.17CMPS1170-1.22CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x1170uH 1,22ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-1.63-0.88CMPS880-1.63CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x884uH 1,63ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-11.6-0.63CMPS630-11.6CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x630uH 11,6ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-14.0-0.47CMPS470-14.0CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x473uH 14ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-2.8-1.47CMPS1470-2.8CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x1470uH 2,8ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-3.3-0.23CMPS220-3.3CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x225uH 3,3ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-3.3-1.32CMPS1320-3.3CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x1320uH 3,3ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-4.7-0.77CMPS770-4.7CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x768uH 4,7ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-5.6-0.59CMPS590-5.6CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x590uH 5,6ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-7.2-0.53CMPS530-7.2CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x530uH 7,2ACommon Mode CMP
CMPS-9.7-0.81CMPS810-9.7CMP SeriesSMD-Drossel 2x809uH 9,7ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-1.22-1.17CMPT1170-1.22CMP SeriesDrossel 2x1170uH 1,22ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-1.63-0.88CMPT880-1.63CMP SeriesDrossel 2x880uH 1,63ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-2.8-1.47CMPT1470-2.8CMP SeriesDrossel 2x1470uH 2,8ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-3.3-0.23CMPT220-3.3CMP SeriesDrossel 2x220uH 3,3ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-3.3-1.32CMPT1320-3.3CMP SeriesDrossel 2x1320uH 3,3ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-4.7-0.77CMPT770-4.7CMP SeriesDrossel 2x770uH 4,7ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-5.6-0.59CMPT590-5.6CMP SeriesDrossel 2x590uH 5,6ACommon Mode CMP
CMPT-7.2-0.53CMPT530-7.2CMP SeriesDrossel 2x530uH 7,2ACommon Mode CMP
DPO-0,5-100DPU100A0.5DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 0,5APower Inductor DP
DPO-0,5-150DPU150A0.5DP SeriesDrossel 150uH 0,5APower Inductor DP
DPO-0,5-220DPU220A0.5DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 0,5APower Inductor DP
DPO-0,5-330DPU330A0.5DP SeriesDrossel 330uH 0,5APower Inductor DP
DPO-0,5-470DPU470A0.5DP SeriesDrossel 470uH 0,5APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-100DPU100A1DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-150DPU150A1DP SeriesDrossel 150uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-220DPU220A1DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-33DPU033A1DP SeriesDrossel 33uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-330DPU330A1DP SeriesDrossel 330uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-47DPU047A1DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1,0-68DPU068A1DP SeriesDrossel 68uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1.0-1000DPU1000A1DP SeriesDrossel 1000uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-1.0-470DPU470A1DP SeriesDrossel 470uH 1APower Inductor DP
DPO-10-100DPU100A10DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 10APower Inductor DP
DPO-10-68DPU68A10DP SeriesDrossel 68uH 10APower Inductor DP
DPO-2,0-100DPU100A2DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-2,0-220DPU220A2DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-2.0-150DPU150A2DP SeriesDrossel 150uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-2.0-22DPU022A2DP SeriesDrossel 22uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-2.0-330DPU330A2DP SeriesDrossel 330uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-2.0-47DPU047A2DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-2.0-68DPU068A2DP SeriesDrossel 68uH 2APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-100DPU100A3DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-22DPU022A3DP SeriesDrossel 22uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-220DPU220A3DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-33DPU033A3DP SeriesDrossel 33uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-330DPU330A3DP SeriesDrossel 330uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-47DPU047A3DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3,0-68DPU068A3DP SeriesDrossel 68uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3.0-150DPU150A3DP SeriesDrossel 150uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-3.0-470DPU470A3DP SeriesDrossel 470uH 3APower Inductor DP
DPO-5.0-100DPU100A5DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 5APower Inductor DP
DPO-5.0-150DPU150A5DP SeriesDrossel 150uH 5APower Inductor DP
DPO-5.0-220DPU220A5DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 5APower Inductor DP
DPO-5.0-33DPU33A5DP SeriesDrossel 33uH 5APower Inductor DP
DPO-5.0-47DPU47A5DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 5APower Inductor DP
DPO-5.0-68DPU68A5DP SeriesDrossel 68uH 5APower Inductor DP
DPO-7,5-47DPU047A7.5DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 7,5APower Inductor DP
DPO-7,5-68DPU068A7.5DP SeriesDrossel 68uH 7,5APower Inductor DP
DPV-1.0-100DPVG100A1DP SeriesDrossel 100uH 1A stehendPower Inductor DP
DPV-1.0-220DPVG220A1DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 1A stehendPower Inductor DP
DPV-1.0-330DPVG330A1DP SeriesDrossel 330uH 1A stehendPower Inductor DP
DPV-3.0-100DPVG100A3DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 3A stehendPower Inductor DP
DPV-3.0-220DPVG220A3DP SeriesDrossel 220uH 3A stehendPower Inductor DP
DPV-3.0-33DPVG033A3DP SeriesDrossel 33uH 3A stehendPower Inductor DP
DPV-3.0-47DPVG047A3DP SeriesDrossel 47uH 3A stehendPower Inductor DP
LCP1-0,44-100LCP1U100LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 100uH 0,44APower Inductor LCP
LCP1-0,76-33LCP1U33LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 33uH 0,76APower Inductor LCP
LCP1-1,40-10LCP1U10LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 10uH 1,40APower Inductor LCP
LCP2-0,44-220LCP2U220LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 220uH 0,44APower Inductor LCP
LCP2-0,66-100LCP2U100LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 100uH 0,66APower Inductor LCP
LCP2-1,08-47LCP2U47LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 47uH 1,08APower Inductor LCP
LCP3-0,94-100LCP3U100LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 100uH 0,94APower Inductor LCP
LCP3-3,00-10LCP3U10LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 10uH 3APower Inductor LCP
LCP4-0,50-470LCP4U470LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 470uH 0,5APower Inductor LCP
LCP4-0,88-150LCP4U150LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 150uH 0,88APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-0,44-1000LCP5U1000LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 1000uH 0,44APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-0,54-680LCP5U680LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 680uH 0,54APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-0,64-470LCP5U470LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 470uH 0,64APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-0,78-330LCP5U330LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 330uH 0,78APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-0,94-220LCP5U220LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 220uH 0,94APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-1,40-100LCP5U100LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 100uH 1,4APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-2,04-47LCP5U47LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 47uH 2,04APower Inductor LCP
LCP5-3,00-22LCP5U22LCP SeriesSMD-Drossel 22uH 3APower Inductor LCP
MONTAGESATZ TRT500FMS500Flanschmontagesatz für TRT500Flang Mounting
SDF-0.63-500SDF500A0.63SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 500uH 0,63APower Inductor SD
SDF-1,6-160SDF160A1.6SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 160uH 1,6APower Inductor SD
SDF-1.0-250SDF250A1.0SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 250uH 1,0APower Inductor SD
SDF-1.0-500SDF500A1.0SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 500uH 1,0APower Inductor SD
SDF-3.15-250SDF250A3.15SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 250uH 3,15APower Inductor SD
SDF-5,0-100SDF100A5.0SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 100uH 5,0APower Inductor SD
SDF-6.3-63SDF63A6.3SD SeriesSpeicherdrossel 63uH 6,3APower Inductor SD
SH150C-2.22-114SHC114SH150 SeriesDrossel 114uH 2,22A (L37)Power Inductor SH150
SH150C-3.00-25SHC25SH150 SeriesDrossel 25uH 3A (L41)Power Inductor SH150
SH150C-3.00-53SHC53SH150 SeriesDrossel 25uH 3A (L41)Power Inductor SH150

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