Digi-key carry a number of our products, including Toroidal Transformers, Current Transformers, Inductors and common-mode chokes.
The table below shows a Cross-Reference list. Click on the Schukat Stock Code to view that product on the Schukat web site, or click on the Product Type to view more details on that product here on our website.

Nuvotem Talema Part No. Digi-Key ref. Description Link
620001295-1013-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x7VMini Open
620011295-1017-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x9VMini Open
620021295-1018-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x12VMini Open
620031295-1010-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x15VMini Open
620041295-1011-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x18VMini Open
620051295-1015-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x22VMini Open
620101295-1103-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x7VMini Open
620111295-1105-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x9VMini Open
620121295-1107-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x12VMini Open
620131295-1116-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x15VMini Open
620141295-1118-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x18VMini Open
620151295-1120-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x22VMini Open
620201295-1108-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x7VMini Open
620211295-1110-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x9VMini Open
620221295-1112-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x12VMini Open
620231295-1114-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x15VMini Open
620241295-1054-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x18VMini Open
620251295-1056-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x22VMini Open
620301295-1059-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x7VMini Open
620311295-1050-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x9VMini Open
620321295-1053-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x12VMini Open
620331295-1055-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x15VMini Open
620341295-1057-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x18VMini Open
620351295-1051-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x22VMini Open
620401295-1058-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x7VMini Open
620411295-1052-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x9VMini Open
620421295-1066-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x12VMini Open
620431295-1068-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x15VMini Open
620441295-1067-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x18VMini Open
620451295-1069-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x22VMini Open
620501295-1070-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x7VMini Open
620511295-1073-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x9VMini Open
620521295-1064-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x12VMini Open
620531295-1065-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x15VMini Open
620541295-1071-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x18VMini Open
620551295-1072-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x22VMini Open
620601295-1085-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x7VMini Open
620611295-1086-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x9VMini Open
620621295-1087-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x12VMini Open
620631295-1088-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x15VMini Open
620641295-1090-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x18VMini Open
620651295-1089-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x22VMini Open
620701295-1081-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x7VMini Open
620711295-1082-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x9VMini Open
620721295-1083-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x12VMini Open
620731295-1084-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x15VMini Open
620741295-1113-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x18VMini Open
620751295-1111-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x22VMini Open
620801295-1117-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x7VMini Open
620811295-1119-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x9VMini Open
620821295-1106-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x12VMini Open
620831295-1109-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x15VMini Open
620841295-1115-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x18VMini Open
620851295-1104-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x22VMini Open
70000K1295-1033-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70001K1295-1036-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70002K1295-1037-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70003K1295-1038-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70004K1295-1039-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70005K1295-1030-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70010K1295-1031-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70011K1295-1032-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70012K1295-1034-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70013K1295-1035-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70014K1295-1009-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70015K1295-1003-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70020K1295-1005-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70021K1295-1007-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70022K1295-1004-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70023K1295-1006-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70024K1295-1008-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70025K1295-1000-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70030K1295-1001-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70031K1295-1002-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70032K1295-1046-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70033K1295-1047-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70034K1295-1048-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70035K1295-1049-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70040K1295-1040-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70041K1295-1041-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70042K1295-1042-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70043K1295-1043-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70044K1295-1044-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70045K1295-1045-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70050K1295-1025-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70051K1295-1026-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70052K1295-1027-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70053K1295-1028-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70054K1295-1029-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70055K1295-1022-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70060K1295-1024-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70061K1295-1020-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70062K1295-1021-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70063K1295-1023-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70064K1295-1074-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70065K1295-1079-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70070K1295-1080-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70071K1295-1060-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70072K1295-1077-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70073K1295-1078-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70074K1295-1076-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70075K1295-1075-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
70080K1295-1061-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x7VPCB Mounting
70081K1295-1062-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x9VPCB Mounting
70082K1295-1012-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x12VPCB Mounting
70083K1295-1014-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x15VPCB Mounting
70084K1295-1016-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x18VPCB Mounting
70085K1295-1019-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x22VPCB Mounting
AC10051295-1101-ND50/60Hz CT 5A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10101295-1102-ND50/60Hz CT 10A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10151295-1097-ND50/60Hz CT 15A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10201295-1095-ND50/60Hz CT 20A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10251295-1096-ND50/60Hz CT 25A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10301295-1098-ND50/60Hz CT 30A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10401295-1092-ND50/60Hz CT 40A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10501295-1100-ND50/60Hz CT 50A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10601295-1099-ND50/60Hz CT 60A, 1000:1CT AC
AC10751295-1094-ND50/60Hz CT 75A, 1000:1CT AC
AC11001295-1093-ND50/60Hz CT 100A, 1000:1CT AC
AC11501295-1091-ND50/60Hz CT 150A, 1000:1CT AC
AC12001295-1063-ND50/60Hz CT 200A, 1000:1CT AC
ACX-10501295-1128-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 50A, 2500:1CT ACX
ACX-10751295-1129-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 75A, 2500:1CT ACX
ACX-11001295-1130-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 100A, 2500:1CT ACX
ACX-11501295-1131-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 150A, 2500:1CT ACX
AP-10001295-1183-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 1000:1CT AP
AP-15001295-1202-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 1500:1CT AP
AP-20001295-1185-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 2000:1CT AP
AP-25001295-1186-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 2500:1CT AP
AS-1011295-1124-ND20-200kHz CT 100:1CT AS
AS-1021295-1122-ND20-200kHz CT 200:1CT AS
AS-1031295-1123-ND20-200kHz CT 300:1CT AS
AS-1041295-1124-ND20-200kHz CT 500:1CT AS
ASM-0101295-1125-ND50/60Hz CT 1-10A +/-10%CT ASM
ASM-0201295-1187-ND50/60Hz CT 1-20A +/-10%CT ASM
AX-05001295-1132-ND50/60Hz CT 500:1 5ACT AX
AX-07501295-1133-ND50/60Hz CT 750:1 7.5ACT AX
AX-10001295-1134-ND50/60Hz CT 1000:1 10ACT AX
AX-15001295-1135-ND50/60Hz CT 1500:1 15ACT AX

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