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Nuvotem Talema have several "Family" approval files with Underwriters Laboratories. Unlike some of our competitors, Nuvotem Talema have invested the time and effort to enable automatic UL recognition of new custom transformers, without having to send each transformer to a UL test facility for their approval.
It is a mark of UL's confidence in our research and development abilities that we have an agreed file of design criteria which must be met, to ensure approval to UL506 or UL544

These "Families" may be divided as follows:

E215495 : UL 506 - Speciality Transformers

File E215495 is our most requested UL approval file for Power Transformers ;
  • Maximum total power rating: 3000VA

E218027 : UL 544 - Medical and Dental Equipment

File E218027 covers transformers for Medical and dental equipment, which require more stringent insulation and overload protection levels.
  • Usually requires an Earthed Screen between windings.
  • Usually requires a thermal fuse for overload protection.

E218027 : UL 1950 - Information technology Equipment, including Electrical Business equipment

File E218027 Volume 2 covers the 70000K series of PCB mounting transformers which were evaluated to the construction requirements of UL1950 Second Edition.

E218027 : UL 6500 - Audio/Video and musical apparatus fro household, commercial and similar general use

File E218027 Volume 2 covers the 70000K series of PCB mounting transformers which were evaluated to the construction requirements of UL6500

E217412 : Insulation systems with Temperature Classes B, B1 and F

File E217412 : These higher temperature classes cover both UL506 and UL544
  • Class B - 130 degrees maximum temperature, Using all materials minimum Class B
  • Class B1 - 130 degrees maximum temperature, Using specific materials from specific manufacturers
  • Class F - 155 degrees maximum temperature

Other UL Approvals

As well as our Family Approvals, Nuvotem Talema also have numerous individual products approved to various UL standards, such as UL1411, UL1950, UL2601, etc.
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UL Factory Inspections

To ensure our conformance with our UL files, the UL authorities conduct random factory inspections several times per year, and verify that our internal processes and procedures are being adhered to, and that the products we are marking as being "UL Recognised" are indeed in conformance with the agreed UL files.

We are also listed as factory locations for several customers' own UL approval files, and are subject to audits on these files also.

Canadian Approvals

Nuvotem Talema also offer C-UL approvals to Canadian Standard C22.2 No. 66-1988 "Specialty Transformers" for 60Hz only power transformers.
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