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Nuvotem Talema Quality Systems and Approvals

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At Nuvotem Talema we are proud of the quality of our products.

Factory / Process Approvals

ISO9000 approved quality systems ensure all our internal processes, from processing the incoming purchase orders, through Resource Planning, Scheduling and Production, right through to the delivery of the finished products run smoothly and efficiently. Click Here for more information on our ISO9000 Approvals

ISO14001 Environmental management system, approved by TUV Click here for more information

OHSAS 18001:2008 is an internationally recognised standard and is recognised as the benchmark for Health & Safety Management Systems certification. Click here for more information

Product Approvals

The CEBEC-mark is a certification mark for low-voltage (<1000V) electrical products.
 The mark is particularly asked for by Belgian consumers, looking for safety, and by the appliance and installation industry, using electrical components with guaranteed quality. The VDE Mark indicates conformity with the VDE standards or European or internationally harmonized standards resp. and confirms compliance with protective requirements of the applicable EC Directive(s). The VDE Mark is a symbol for electrical, mechanical, thermal, toxic, radiological and other hazards. BSI - British Standards Institute : BSI presents the British viewpoint to European standards organizations - CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). These bodies develop standards critical to the success of the Single Market. BSI is currently active in the creation of European telecommunications standards and represents the voice of the UK telecommunications industry. DEMKO SEMKO UL Recognised products ENEC05 Approved to EN61558 KEMA Approved to EN61558 Nuvotem Talema have numerous approvals covering a wide variety of international standards, covering custom designed parts, and standard ranges.

By working closely with equipment designers and international test houses, Nuvotem Talema's engineering teams can assist in ensuring swift and smooth approvals of equipment using our transformers and inductors.

Our most commonly requested approvals are :