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Toroidal Transformer Applications

Nuvotem Talema - Superior Toroidal Transformers and Magnetics
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When designing a transformer or inductor, Nuvotem Talema deign engineers always ask what the application is. Why is this ?

The application of a magnetic component can have significant implications in determining the most suitable design. Common applications would be :
  • Security Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Professional Audio and Audio Visual equipment
  • Domestic Hi-Fi Audio and Audio Visual equipment
  • Distribution / Standards
  • Lighting LVL
  • Lighting Dimming
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Control Equipment
  • Motors & Drives
  • Battery Chargers
  • Photovoltaic
  • LED Street Lighting
  • LED Airport Runway Lighting
  • Wind Energy
  • Renewable energy systems
Each of the above fields of application have their own specific requirments for transformers and inductors.

For example, a toroidal transformer for use in Domestic Audio Visual equipment would usually need to be designed using a low flux-density in the core to reduce the radiated magnetic field, have varnish impregnated core and windings to reduce the physical "noise", and be wound using very uniform winding machines.
Hi-Fi Audio amplifiers will usually demand low secondary winding resistances with excellent voltage regulation. Depending on the equipment design, it may also require a magnetic screen (known as a GOSS Band) to reduce the radiated magnetic field. Generally the transformer must be UL recognised, and also conform the the requirements of EN60065 (IEC65) as a minimum.

Compare this to a toroidal power transformer for use in Low Voltage Lighting (12V Halogen lighting, know as LVL):
The important points for a lighting transformer would be the generated heat, the accuracy of the output voltage which affects the life of the lamp(s), the effectiveness of the overload protection device(s), and generally the physical space into which the transformer must be mounted is very restricted. On top of all this, the transformer must meet all the requirements of "short-cicuit proof" according to EN61558 (replacing EN60742).

Consider a power transformer for use in Medical equipment. There are requirements for the maximum permissible leakage current which can flow from the mains supply to the earth point, so the transformer generally requires a higher level of insulation between the primary winding and the earthed copper screen to ensure that the combination of all the possible sources of leakage current (mains cable, input socket, mains filter, transformer) remains within limits of EN60601 (UL2601).

As an additional safety feature, the toroidal transformer may also require a thermal fuse or thermal switch, which will switch off the power supply if a fault condition occurs in the equipment.

Being highly efficient, Toroidal transformers are ideally suited to energy conversion needs Renewable Energy Systems, including photovoltaic and wind energy systems.

Due to their relatively small size, low weight, and low losses, toroidal transformers are becoming widely used in intelligent street lighting systems, together with accurate toroidal current transformers for energy usage, monitoring and control.

As may be seen from the above comparisons, the "field of application" of the transformer does indeed dictate certain design criteria, which have an important effect on designing the most suitable component.

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