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Encapsulated Toroidal Transformers, 230V Primary

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ENEC05 Approved to EN61558 KEMA Approved to EN61558 UL Recognised to UL506 Toroidal Power Transformer Encapsulated
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Small photo of encapsulated toroidal transformer Photo of encapsulated Toroidal Transformers with flying leads High quality encapsulated toroidal transformers with a single 230V a.c. 50/60Hz primary winding. Twin secondary windings may be connected in series or parallel or used independently.
  • Fully encapsulated to UL94V-0
  • Small size and low weight compared with traditional stacked lamination types.
  • Extremely low level of radiated magnetic field
  • Very low induced noise (hum)
  • Very low iron loss.
  • Double insulated primary leads.
  • 100% electrical and flash tested
  • High quality manufacturing and testing in accordance to EN61558, EN60742, EN60950, EN60065, VDE0551, VDE0550 and BS415
  • Tested and Approved by KEMA to EN61558. Click here for more info
  • UL Recognised to UL506, under family approval file E215495

Important Installation Note
Under no circumstances should both ends of the fixing bolt contact a metal chassis or frame as this would create a 'shorted turn' causing irreparable damage.

Below is a small standard range of Encapsulated toroidal transformers covering the most commonly requested power ratings and output voltages.
Nuvotem Talema also offer a custom design service, where our experienced engineers can design and offer an encapsulated toroidal transformer to your exact specifications ; Multiple same or differing output voltages, centre tapped or multi-tapped secondaries, different lead lengths or materials, addition of single or multipole crimped connectors, terminal blocks, etc. This list is endless. Simply Contact Us, use our General Contact Form or if your prefer, our specific Request a Quotation form and we will be pleased to quote.

Rated VA Part Number
(xxx=Sec voltage)
% Typical
Rise [K]
Weight [Kg]
15 0015P1-2-xxxK 16 26 63 35 M5 0.30
30 0030P1-2-xxxK 18 40 82 39 M5 0.45
50 0050P1-2-xxxK 14 42 87 42 M5 0.65
80 0080P1-2-xxxK 14 53 104 44 M6 0.90
120 0120P1-2-xxxK 10 52 104 52 M6 1.20
160 0160P1-2-xxxK 9 55 115 53 M6 1.50
225 0225P1-2-xxxK 8 60 126 52 M6 1.90
300 0300P1-2-xxxK 8 60 126 65 M6 2.30
500 0500P1-2-xxxK 6 68 148 65 M8 3.50
  • Leads: PVC insulated 150mm long.
  • Secondary voltage tolerance <1% at nominal input.
  • UL recognised for Insulation Class A (105'C)
  • Maximum ambient operating temperature +40'C
  • Meets all requirements of Class E (120'C)

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