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Nuvotem Talema - Superior Toroidal Transformers and Magnetics

Part Number Cross Reference : Nuvotem Talema - Digi-Key

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Nuvotem Talema
Part Number
Part Number
Description Alternative reference(s) Link
620001295-1013-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620011295-1017-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620021295-1018-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620031295-1010-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620041295-1011-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620051295-1015-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 1.6VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620101295-1103-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620111295-1105-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620121295-1107-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620131295-1116-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620141295-1118-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620151295-1120-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 3.2VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620201295-1108-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620211295-1110-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620221295-1112-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620231295-1114-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620241295-1054-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620251295-1056-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 5VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620301295-1059-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620311295-1050-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620321295-1053-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620331295-1055-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620341295-1057-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620351295-1051-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 7VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620401295-1058-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620411295-1052-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620421295-1066-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620431295-1068-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620441295-1067-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620451295-1069-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 10VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620501295-1070-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620511295-1073-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620521295-1064-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620531295-1065-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620541295-1071-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620551295-1072-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 15VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620601295-1085-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620611295-1086-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620621295-1087-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620631295-1088-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620641295-1090-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620651295-1089-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 25VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620701295-1081-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620711295-1082-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620721295-1083-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620731295-1084-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620741295-1113-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620751295-1111-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 35VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
620801295-1117-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x7V62000 Series62000 Series
620811295-1119-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x9V62000 Series62000 Series
620821295-1106-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x12V62000 Series62000 Series
620831295-1109-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x15V62000 Series62000 Series
620841295-1115-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x18V62000 Series62000 Series
620851295-1104-ND50/60Hz Mini Tx 50VA, 2x22V62000 Series62000 Series
70000K1295-1033-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70001K1295-1036-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70002K1295-1037-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70003K1295-1038-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70004K1295-1039-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70005K1295-1030-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 1.6VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70010K1295-1031-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70011K1295-1032-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70012K1295-1034-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70013K1295-1035-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70014K1295-1009-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70015K1295-1003-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 3.2VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70020K1295-1005-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70021K1295-1007-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70022K1295-1004-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70023K1295-1006-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70024K1295-1008-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70025K1295-1000-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 5VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70030K1295-1001-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70031K1295-1002-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70032K1295-1046-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70033K1295-1047-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70034K1295-1048-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70035K1295-1049-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 7VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70040K1295-1040-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70041K1295-1041-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70042K1295-1042-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70043K1295-1043-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70044K1295-1044-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70045K1295-1045-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 10VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70050K1295-1025-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70051K1295-1026-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70052K1295-1027-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70053K1295-1028-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70054K1295-1029-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70055K1295-1022-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 15VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70060K1295-1024-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70061K1295-1020-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70062K1295-1021-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70063K1295-1023-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70064K1295-1074-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70065K1295-1079-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 25VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70070K1295-1080-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70071K1295-1060-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70072K1295-1077-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70073K1295-1078-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70074K1295-1076-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70075K1295-1075-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 35VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
70080K1295-1061-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x7V70000K Series70000K Series
70081K1295-1062-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x9V70000K Series70000K Series
70082K1295-1012-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x12V70000K Series70000K Series
70083K1295-1014-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x15V70000K Series70000K Series
70084K1295-1016-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x18V70000K Series70000K Series
70085K1295-1019-ND50/60Hz PCB Tx 50VA, 2x22V70000K Series70000K Series
AC10051295-1101-ND50/60Hz CT 5A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10101295-1102-ND50/60Hz CT 10A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10151295-1097-ND50/60Hz CT 15A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10201295-1095-ND50/60Hz CT 20A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10251295-1096-ND50/60Hz CT 25A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10301295-1098-ND50/60Hz CT 30A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10401295-1092-ND50/60Hz CT 40A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10501295-1100-ND50/60Hz CT 50A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10601295-1099-ND50/60Hz CT 60A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC10751295-1094-ND50/60Hz CT 75A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC11001295-1093-ND50/60Hz CT 100A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC11501295-1091-ND50/60Hz CT 150A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
AC12001295-1063-ND50/60Hz CT 200A, 1000:1AC SeriesAC Series
ACX-10501295-1128-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 50A, 2500:1ACX SeriesACX Series
ACX-10751295-1129-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 75A, 2500:1ACX SeriesACX Series
ACX-11001295-1130-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 100A, 2500:1ACX SeriesACX Series
ACX-11501295-1131-ND50/60Hz 1% CT 150A, 2500:1ACX SeriesAP Series
AP-10001295-1183-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 1000:1AP SeriesAP Series
AP-15001295-1202-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 1500:1AP SeriesAP Series
AP-20001295-1185-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 2000:1AP SeriesAP Series
AP-25001295-1186-ND50/60Hz Class 0.2 CT 2500:1AP SeriesAP Series
AS-1011295-1124-ND20-200kHz CT 100:1AS SeriesAS Series
AS-1021295-1122-ND20-200kHz CT 200:1AS SeriesAS Series
AS-1031295-1123-ND20-200kHz CT 300:1AS SeriesAS Series
AS-1041295-1124-ND20-200kHz CT 500:1AS SeriesAS Series
ASM-0101295-1125-ND50/60Hz CT 1-10A +/-10%ASM SeriesASM Series
ASM-0201295-1187-ND50/60Hz CT 1-20A +/-10%ASM SeriesASM Series
AX-05001295-1132-ND50/60Hz CT 500:1 5AAX SeriesAX Series
AX-07501295-1133-ND50/60Hz CT 750:1 7.5AAX SeriesAX Series
AX-10001295-1134-ND50/60Hz CT 1000:1 10AAX SeriesAX Series
AX-15001295-1135-ND50/60Hz CT 1500:1 15AAX SeriesAX Series