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Nuvotem Talema design and manufacture a wide variety of magnetic components, both custom-designed to the customers' specifications and also a comprehensive "standard" range of magnetics.
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The Products can be categorised as follows:

Toroidal Transformers

  • Standard Toroidal Power Transformers
    A comprehensive range of the most commonly requested toroidal transformers, including Open Wound, Encapsulated, single and dual primary versions, dual secondary versions with flying leads or with pins for through hole PCB mounting, or DIN rail mounting
  • Custom Designed Toroidal Transformers
    Nuvotem Talema have been designing toroidal transformers since 1975. During that time we have designed many thousands of transformers for many varying applications. Our design engineers have the knowledge and experience to design the transformer most suitable for your needs. This design expertise is backed up by over 30 years of manufacturing know-how. We can design it. We can build it.
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Telecomms & Network Products

Nuvotem Talema offer a vast range of products for the communications industry, covering Modem Transformers, ISDN transformers and modules, DSL transformers and modules, E1/T1/S2M, and network magnetics covering 10BaseT and 10/100BaseT.
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Power Inductors & Chokes

A wide range of power inductors in many different package sizes and shapes, through-hole and surface mount are available for use in switch mode power supplies, DC/DC converters and EMI filtering applications.
From Common Mode toroidal chokes to High capacity linear storage chokes to low cost simple inductors.
power inductors and chokes

EMI Suppression

We offer a wide range of Inductors / Chokes for EMI Noise suppression of ISDN S and U Interface, data and signal line filtering, Compact and Miniature SMD common mode chokes, SMD devices for data lines.
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Toroidal Current Transformers

AX Series 50/60Hz Current Transformers with High Output Voltage in small package, High Saturation current, Good Linearity over current range, and 2.5KV Isolation. Applications include Power Monitoring, Current Measurement and Instrumentation.
ACX Series - High Accuracy Current Transformers with 1% accuracy typical. Current range up to 150Amps, High Turns Ratio 2500:1, and 4kV isolation.
AP Series - Precision Current Transformers : Precise CTs in compact package. 0.2% accuracy typical, with excellent linearity over full current range, and 2.5kV isolation
AZ Series - Flying Lead Current Transformers : Flying leads for ease of termination. Large centre hole allows 6.3mm tabs. Very high output voltage in small size, and 4kV isolation
AN3 3 Phase Current Transformer : 100A fully encapsulated unit for Industrial & distribution applications. Cost-efective rugged design, complete with 2.5M lead
ASM Series 50/60Hz current sensors operate as the sealed secondary of a current transformer while the conductor carrying the current to be measured functions as a one turn primary. Measurement accuracy can be improved by increasing the number of primary turns. Applications include detection of branch circuit overload and load drop or shutdown.
AC Series Low Cost 50/60Hz Current Transformers for applications such as Sensing Overload Current, Ground fault detection , Metering, Analog to Digital Circuits.
FSD Series 5A Tape Wound Current Transformers suitable for measuring AC currents from 60A to 2500A with 5A secondary windings.
Accuracy Class 3, Rated system voltage 0.72kV, Conforms to IEC44-1 (EN60044-1)
Cost effective solution where conventional busbar mount types are not suitable. Rugged construction, unaffected by vibration, supplied with 3 Metre long flying leads for versatility of mounting location. Applications include : Current monitoring in Generators, Switchgear, Distribution & Control panels
AS Series Current Sensors are designed as a low cost method of controlling, monitoring or measuring AC currents at frequencies from 20kHz to 200kHz. The sensors serve as feedback elements between the output and pulse control circuitry providing accurate regulation of switch mode power supplies.
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Power Supply Magnetics

A complete range of transformers and inductors for SMPS applications : Drive Transformers, Control Transformers, Flyback Transformers, High Current Inductors, Current Transformers, Common Mode Chokes, Output Chokes : Formats include ETD, EF/EE, U Core, RM, Toroid : Winding constructions including Multi-strand copper, Foil, Litz, heavy duty Copper, Triple insulated wire, and Margin tapes.
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