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UL Recognised. Family Approvals.

With several UL Files, Nuvotem Talema can offer standard or custom-designed toroidal transformers carring the "Recognised component" mark, without having to undergo any additional testing.

UL5085-1 Low-Voltage Transformer Approval up to 7.5KVA is provided by file E215495

UL60601-1 Medical Approval up tp 15KVA, file E251176

UL Insulation Systems of Class A, Class B and Class F are available

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UL Recognised Family approvals UR Mark

DEKRA Approvals EN61558

Nuvotem Talema Toroidal Transformers approved by DEKRA to EN61558. We offer a comprehensive standard range with approvals, but also our family approval gives us the flexibility to design and build new transformers which are instantly approved.

With an established technical track-record in toroidal transformer design, Nuvotem Talema have the ability to custom-design your transformer ensuring it meets both your needs, and the requirements of the standard EN61558-1, together with either EN61558-2-4 or EN61558-2-6 depending on whetehr it is an "Isolating" or "Safety Isolating" transformer.

Together with the DEKRA approvals to EN61558 for the CENELEC countries, we also have CB certificates to IEC61558 which are accepted worldwide.

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European Family approvals by DEKRA

Member of ADS

Nuvotem Talema is a member of ADS, the Premier Trade Organisation for companies in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space Sectors. Membership is made up of over 1000 businesses

ADS activities are focused around the following key areas:

  • Influencing the policy debates of most importance to our industries
  • Supporting manufacturing and our industries’ supply chains
  • Encouraging investments in technology and innovation
  • Supporting business development opportunities
  • Increasing Member value through a range of services
  • Enhancing the profile of our industries

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Nuvotem Talema is a member of the ADS